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Give Your Baby a Hello Kitty Theme Birthday Party

A Hello Kitty lover? Invite kittens to Hello Kitty birthday party to celebrate your baby’s birthday!!


For the Hello Kitty invitations, you can either buy them or make them yourself, and I recommend the latter, which means a lot to both you and your baby.

Photo invitations: First, print Hello Kitty images on pink invitation cards. Then take a picture of the birthday baby, scan it, and paste it on the card.

Or you can make the invitation into a Hello Kitty shape, decorated with theme stickers, with the wording like “Hello Kitty invites you to …” Isn’t it cute?:-D

hello kitty

hello kitty birthday card


hello kitty birthday


Make your home a Hello Kitty world, and keep them light and elegant! Ivory, pink, white can be mostly used. Cover your fence with Hello Kitty images and buy some balloons and a sign says “Welcome to Hello Kitty Birthday Party!”

Here comes to the tables. Place a theme cloth and centerpiece, and you can tie balloons to the backs of the chairs.

Oh, do not forget to prepare a cute Hello Kitty dress for your baby.

hello kitty decorations

hello kitty hats

Hello Kitty party


Food and Drink

Birthday Cakes: Definitely the Hello Kitty Cake or cupcakes.

If you want a handmade birthday cake for your baby, bake a round cake, then down load and print Hello Kitty face image off the internet. Cut the image shape from paper, and trace the shape onto the cake with a toothpick. Decorate the whole as you like!!

Foods like pops, cookies, popcorn and etc. are all very popular, and decorate them with Hello Kitty.

As for the drinks, pay attention to the color. Freeze cranberry juice or red fruit punch in a star-shaped ice tray, or prepare pink lemonade mix. Garnish each drink with a cherry or strawberry on the rim of the glass can be a wonderful choice.

cakes fabulous

hello kitty cake

hello kitty cupcakes

hello kitty drinks

hello kitty food and drink


Hand out such Hello Kitty party favors as Hello Kitty cookies, cupcakes, or something else decorated with Hello Kitty bags or boxes.


party favors

hello kitty hat favor

hello kitty favor