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Elephant Baby Shower-Blue and Green

This is a super cute elephant theme baby shower! Elephants are known for being good mothers to their offspring and you can use this theme as an example to show the love the guest of honor and her baby will share.

elephant baby shower blue and green

Send out invitations that give guests a glimpse at what to expect at the shower. Elephant-shaped invitations or invitations that feature a mother and a baby elephant are ideal. Here is the elephant baby shower invitation from Invitesbaby.com with the price of as low as $0.49. Click the following picture and start to personalize your own baby shower invitations.

elephant baby shower invitationselephant baby shower invitationsAS LOW AS $0.49

elephant baby shower

elephant baby shower2

elephant baby shower 3

elephant baby shower 4

elephant baby shower 5

elephant baby shower 7

elephant baby shower 9

elephant baby shower10

elephant baby shower 11

Image Credits: catchmyparty.com

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