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Perfect Nautical Baby Shower Ideas

It’s been a week since the last post. You can see how busy I am my friends :) and sorry for be late. Today what I going to share with you is the nautical theme baby shower party. It’s cool, isn’t it? All kinds of miniatures, sailboats, anchors, sea decorates can be used on table tops and to hang from walls and doors. Well, here is an outdoor nautical baby shower party!

nautical baby shower ideas

The nautical baby shower invitation above is from Invitesbaby.com with the price of as low as $0.49, free customization and envelopes for you.

Nautical Baby Shower InvitationsNautical Baby Shower InvitationsAS LOW AS $0.49

Some party details here.

nautical baby shower

nautical baby shower centerpiece

nautical baby shower food

nautical baby shower party

nautical baby shower centerpieces

Image Credits: Invitesbaby.com/catchmyparty.com

Vintage Baby Boy Shower Ideas

Bringing a new life into the world is a joyous occasion and hosing a baby shower can be amazing experience. Today I’m showing this vintage baby boy shower to you.

vintage baby boy shower ideas

The main color of this baby shower is blue, which is the common color for baby boy showers. Baby boy shower invitation is from Invitesbaby.com with the price of as low as $0.49, click the invitation below and start to customize.

Baby Boy Shower InvitationsBaby Boy Shower InvitationsAs Low As $0.49

More details about the vintage baby boy shower party.

vintage baby boy shower

vintage baby boy shower food

vintage baby boy shower idea

vintage baby boy shower sweet

cookies for baby boy shower

vintage baby boy shower favors

Image Credits: Styled by Belle

Unique Baby Shower Centerpieces Ideas

Centerpieces are an important part of baby shower decorations. You would probably come across a variety of beautiful centerpieces in the market; however, you can make some unique centerpieces on your own. Here are some unique baby shower centerpieces for your reference.

baby carriage flower centerpiece

peanut baby shower centerpiece

unique baby shower centerpieces

cupcake baby shower centerpiece unique

duck baby shower centerpiece

unique baby shower centerpiece

unique baby shower party centerpiece

Plan a Jungle Theme Baby Shower

 jungle theme baby shower

Jungle or Safari baby shower themes are gaining more and more popularity, and today we’ll sharing some idea for planning a jungle theme baby shower, including jungle baby shower invitations, decorations, cakes and favors.

As we all know baby shower invitations can set the tone for the party you planned and give the first impression to guests what it will actually be like. Sending you jungle theme baby shower invitations can be a stunning start of the whole event.

jungle baby shower invitations

jungle theme baby shower cake pops

jungle baby shower cake


safari jungle baby shower food

When it comes to the cakes and food for a jungle baby shower theme, you can simply buy theme online or a bakery, or make the unique baby shower cake by yourself which can add a touch of personality to the shower.

jungle baby shower place settings

jungle baby shower room decorations

safari jungle baby shower glitter blue elephant

safari jungle baby shower guest book

 jungle baby shower hat


To match with the whole baby shower theme, you may need some decoration and centerpiece ideas. There are jungle themed partyware in the color scheme and theme online or in the party supplier stores. Here are some decorations ideas for you.

 safari jungle baby shower monkey favors


jungle baby shower favors


Baby Shower Favors are given to the guests who joined the baby shower and are things that can be used after the shower. As it is a jungle safari baby shower, the favors may also be jungle baby shower favors

Pictures from: Invitesbaby.com/blog.hwtm.com