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Etiquette and Wording Tips for Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are need after a baby shower; however, with so much on your mind the words may be harder to come by. Here are some etiquette and tips for you.

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❤ Make hand written notes, it is fair since your guests went through both time and expense to choose a gift for your baby. Avoid writing more than four thank you cards at a time to keep your handwriting neat.


❤ Mention the specific gift in your thank you notes. For example, “Thank you for the lovely jumpsuit—little (Name of your baby if born) will look absolutely smashing all summer” is much better than just saying “Thank you for the gift”.


❤ Use the word “you” more than the word “I” to emphasize your gratitude for your friends and loved ones. Be sincere and address the thank you cards to the recipient by name.


❤ Take the time to thank the people who host the baby shower. They often receive a thank you gift such as candy, a picture frame or an engraved bracelet or locket. Arranging the party takes a lot of effort, so make sure to let them know how much it means to you.


❤ If your baby has already been born, make sure to include a photo of your little one in the card. It makes an ideal baby shower thank you.


❤ Send your baby shower thank you notes within two weeks. However, If you are late, remember, a late thank you card is better than no thank you at all.

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Use a poem

Your own original poem or a famous poem can be used to express your thanks. Recently, a lot of people like to write a poem from the baby’s point of view. For instance:

I have something I need to say

Although I’m not even born yet

But I had to say a thank you

For all the gifts I’ll get


I’d also like to say thanks

From mom and dad too

For all the beautiful gifts

In pinks, and greens, and blues


While I had an empty closet

And my clothes and toys were few

That has all been changed

Thanks to all of you!!

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