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Top 10 Baby Shower Cakes 2013/2014

Hi, friends, did you have a great weekend? Well, I went to SPA with 3 of my lady friends and it’s amazing! W is planning a baby shower for her friend, and she is not sure about the baby shower cake. Baby shower cake plays a very important role in the baby shower party.  How do you get the inspirations for baby shower cakes? Here I have listed the top 10 baby shower cakes and I hope they can help you.

baby shower cakes

baby shower cakes

baby shower cakes

baby shower cakes

baby shower cakes

baby shower cakes

baby shower cakes

baby shower cakes

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Baby Shower Cupcakes Ideas for Girls

Baby Shower cake is one of the most important elements of a baby shower party that highlights the entire event. Cupcakes can be a great alternative to a large decorated sheet baby shower cake, which are not only neat and easy to handle but they can also serve as a stunning baby shower centerpiece if decorated well and kept on a big cupcake stand. In this post, I will share some gorgeous baby shower cupcakes for baby girl shower parties.

baby shower cupcakes flowers

Most girls love flowers, and so flower cupcakes do. Flower baby shower cupcakes are suitable for any baby girl shower parties.

baby shower cupcakes fruits

Fruit is another wonderful idea for baby girl shower cupcakes, such as strawberry, lemon, no matter it is the really fruit or fruit shaped.

baby girl shower cupcakes clothes

Clothes and Shoes
Use the baby girl clothes or shoes shaped cupcakes to tell your guests it is a girl!

owl baby shower cupcakes

Cute Animals
Make the cupcakes into a cute animals shape is very popular, such as owl baby shower cupcakes, bunny baby shower cupcakes, which is also suitable for baby boy shower parties.

Ladybug Theme Baby Shower

Ladybugs are small, oval-shaped winged insects, which are usually red with black spots or black with red spots on the wing covers. They are best known as an emblem of luck. It is said that your wish will come true when a ladybug lands on you. In Ireland, the ladybug is a symbol of protection. Under this circumstance, it is a wonderful idea to use ladybug as the theme of your baby shower, fully express your love and expectation. And, of course, ladybug’s appearance makes it beloved by both children and adults.

ladybug theme baby shower

Baby Shower Invitations

Thousands of ladybug baby shower invitations can be found online, you just need to maintain the look and find the perfect one to match with the decorations and color scheme. Ladybug baby shower invitations generally use the color of red, black, white, and maybe green which is the color of tree. Handmade ladybug baby shower invitations can be a fabulous idea. You can make your invite ladybug shaped, or paste some cute ladybugs on the invitations.

ladybug card

ladybug invite

baby shower



Baby Shower Decorations

As for the decorations, as well as plates, napkins, cups, ladybugs can also be used, to make the baby shower totally ladybug theme, full of warm and cuteness. You can use black, red and green as the main color, decorated by cute ladybugs.

ladybug plate

ladybug decor

baby shower decor

ladybugladybug decoration


Baby Shower Cakes and Desserts

Whether traditional cakes or cupcakes, they can be made with ladybugs. You can make the whole cake as one ladybug shape, or use several ladybugs to decorate the cake. Cupcakes is recommended, they can be very cute.


ladybug cake

dessert baby shower cake

Ladybugs can be a great theme for any type of baby shower-boy, girl, twins or triplets, Whether you love them as symbols of good fortune, for their usefulness in the garden, of just for their cute appearance, whether it is a home party or a garden party.