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Vintage Baby Boy Shower Ideas

Bringing a new life into the world is a joyous occasion and hosing a baby shower can be amazing experience. Today I’m showing this vintage baby boy shower to you.

vintage baby boy shower ideas

The main color of this baby shower is blue, which is the common color for baby boy showers. Baby boy shower invitation is from Invitesbaby.com with the price of as low as $0.49, click the invitation below and start to customize.

Baby Boy Shower InvitationsBaby Boy Shower InvitationsAs Low As $0.49

More details about the vintage baby boy shower party.

vintage baby boy shower

vintage baby boy shower food

vintage baby boy shower idea

vintage baby boy shower sweet

cookies for baby boy shower

vintage baby boy shower favors

Image Credits: Styled by Belle

Oh Boy Baby Shower Ideas

A couple days ago I shared some baby girl shower ideas, such as pink butterfly baby shower. Today I’m going to share this oh boy baby shower idea. The color scheme of this baby shower is general blue, green and black which are all perfect for boys.

baby boy shower ideas


The baby shower invitation above comes from invitesbaby.com with the price of as low as $0.49 with free response cards and printed envelopes. Your baby shower wordings and fonts can be personalized, as well as the color of the card.

oh boy baby shower invitationsoh boy baby shower invitationsas low as $0.49

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