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How to Throw a Perfect First Birthday Party –Ideas for you!!

Getting through the first year of your baby’s life is a huge accomplishment. It is a memorable moment for both you and your baby. Whether you’re a brand-new mom or on the verge of your baby’s first birthday, you must think about how to celebrate the milestone.

From a newborn to a solid-food eating baby, he is sleeping through the night with your careful sooth. And now he may be walking or just about to take those very first steps. It is an impressive process and need to celebrate.

How to throw an impressive first birthday party? Here are some ideas for you (· ·)nnn


Handprint Party 

handprint party

family handprint

According to dear Cassy, my aunty, of all the first birthday parties she attended with her daughter, she likes the handprint party most. There are non-toxic stamp pads for babies, making it a relatively easy activity. And both babies and adults enjoy painting.


Blast with Bubbles

everywhere bubbles

bubbles decoration

bubbles 1st birthday party

As I understand, there is no child who doesn’t love bubbles. Create a continuous flow of bubbles with a bubble machine, babies and adults dancing in the bubbles ocean, and decorating the house with colorful bubbles as well.




milk birthday party

milk party

milk 1st birthday party

Everything MILK!!Use an array of patterns like swiss dots and cow print, plus a basic black and white palette. From the invitations, decorations, desserts to favors, every detail is perfect.


Zoo Party

zoo circus

zoo theme party

zoo party cake

zoo vintage

This can be done either at your home or to the zoo. If it is done at home, complete with zoo decorations and cakes. Consider renting out space at your local zoon if you want it to be done at a zoo. You will surely enjoy a day outside while still celebrating this special birthday.



circus 1st birthday party

circus theme baby party

circus themed

circus party

circus party treats


For a fun and unique baby first birthday party, consider a circus theme. Using circus paper products and decorations, as well as Big Top cake, the party will be easily done. Cotton candy, popcorn, and peanuts can be used for special circus treats.