You Are Celebration for TWO-Twin Baby Shower Invitations

Congratulations!! *★,°*:.☆\( ̄▽ ̄)/$:*.°★* The fact that your joy is going to plan a twin baby shower, is a euphoric moment for you and all those around you. At this time, you may need to choose your ideal twin baby shower invitations. Read on and let’s check out these fantastic invites`o′){ ···-=≡}) .

The key for twin baby shower invitations is “pair”.


twin baby shower invitation 1

Hoot! These green twin baby shower invitations feature two babies on the green background plain cards with white and green spots decorated.


twin baby shower invitation 2

Twins in a hammock~~This sweet and elegant twin baby shower is just perfect and suitable for both baby girls and baby boys.


twin baby shower invitation 3

Incredible cute n(*≧▽≦*)n!!There is pant in the front with pink and blue color. The background plain card is also decorated with pink and blue, with white spots. Your wordings will be printed on the pant.


twin baby shower invitation 4

This baby shower invitation features a twin’s nest on the pale green background plain card. The beautiful and simple design makes it a popular choice. Simple but classic~~

twin baby shower invitation 5

The word “pear” sounds the same with “pair”, it is wonderful to use pear to announce the twin baby shower. There is just two pears on the white background plain card, elegant and good-looking. If I were a friend, I would make pear cookies and take the invitation design. Is it brilliant o(*≧▽≦)ツ ?

twin baby shower invitation 6-2

twin baby shower invitation 6-3

twin baby shower invitation 6

A plain card is divided into two parts, which are different, which is meanwhile a whole. This unique twin baby shower invitation relies on simple, modern design. You can also change the color black into pink, blue, green and etc. And then the color scheme of the twin baby shower decorations can be the same as your invitation.

Here are some more twin baby shower invitations I want to share with you all (~ ̄▽ ̄)→))* ̄▽ ̄*)o .

twin baby shower invitation 7

Owls twin baby shower invitations~~~You can have a owl baby shower theme.

twin baby shower invitation 8

Who is having two pricesses?[]~( ̄▽ ̄)~* !


Ideas of Baby Shower Invitations for girls

OK! We have talked about baby shower invitations for boys before and now we will continue the baby girl shower invitations. They are so amazing and I am just obsessed, fine, maybe prepare for my friends or for me…o((≧▽≦o) I like babies, really. One of my best friends will get married after two days and I can’t help being excited.


Generally speaking, baby blue is used for baby boy shower invitations, and when you plan a baby girl shower, you may need the color pink. Here are some ideas for baby girl shower invitations.


Baby Girl Pictures

The same as the baby boy pictures shower invitations; you can have a beautiful baby girl picture printed on your baby shower invitations to tell the guests it is a girl. The background color can be pink. Guests attended can also wear pink clothes.

baby girl invite

girl invite

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Clothes for Baby Girl

Dresses are unique for girls, so you can print cute dresses on the invitations or just make the invitations dress-shaped.

baby girl showwer invitation

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baby shower invite clothes

baby girl dress invitation

baby girl shower invite

It Is A Girl

With “it’s a girl” printed on the pink background invitations, the guests will surely know it is a baby girl shower.


it is a baby girl

It is A girl invite

it's a girl

it is a girl


As daughters are considered to be princess, having a princess printed invitation can also be fabulous. Then the decorations for the party can be done in a royal style. Sending tiara-shaped invitations is highly recommended.

tiara invitetiara invitation

Angel Baby

Children are considered to be angels and this would be one of the cool baby shower invitations. You can choose invitations with angels on it or angel shaped invitations. This is also suitable for baby boy shower invitations.


angel invite

angel girl baby invite

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angel baby invite

Barbie Doll

Barbie dolls are popular among girls, and they like to make up for Barbie dolls just like their own children. Have a Barbie printed on the invitations for girls’ baby shower can be a wonderful idea.

 barbie invite


Butterflies are no doubt extremely beautiful with many colors. Butterfly theme baby shower invitations are very welcome for baby girl shower.

butterfly invitation

butterfly invite

Butterfly Shower Invite

Which ideas mentioned above do you like best? If you have other ideas, please tell me o(*^▽^*)o


Brilliant Monkey Baby Shower Invitations

Monkey theme baby showers are quite hot right now. If you are planning a cute monkey themed shower for the mother-to-be, you may need a perfect monkey baby shower invitation.


Make invitations that have a monkey picture. You can also make them in shape of monkeys or just the monkey’s face. You can either draw it yourself or option for clip arts. A pink or baby blue background plain card with many small monkey and banana pictures is also a good idea. Here are some examples.

pink monkey baby shower invitation

This is a pink color theme monkey baby shower invitation, perfect for baby girls. Pink spots on white plain card makes the whole a cute one. There is a cute monkey with a beautiful red bow, becoming the light spot of the invite, successfully adding a touch of liveliness to the good-looking card. Guests attending the party can either wear pink clothes or clothes with monkeys on.

monkey and banana

bananas invite

It is known that banana is monkey’s favorite food. Sending a banana shape invitation can tell your guests it is a monkey theme baby shower as shown above. The words “It a boy” is for baby boys, and of course if you are planning a baby girl baby shower, you can definitely change the words to “It is a girl”. Or you can put monkeys and bananas together, which can make a harmonious picture.

Monkey Baby Shower

Monkeys are generally considered to be intelligent with tails that can hang on trees. Here is a invitation with four monkeys and some tree branches on the right side. The uppermost monkey is hanging on a tree branch with his tail, taking another’s monkey’s hands at the same time. The third monkey is hanging on another tree branch with his hands and the forth one is standing. You can have your wordings printed on the left side. The whole invitation looks very cute and it is suitable for both boys and girls.


Read on and you can see more monkey baby shower invitations. Choose your favorite one and tell me (^人^)

pink monkey invitation

monkey baby shower invite

monkey invitations

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green monkey baby shower invite

monkey theme invitation

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monkey baby shower invitations

pink monkey baby shower invite




Ideas of Baby Shower Invitations for boys

Good news: Now some of the baby boy shower invitations mentioned in this article are available at Invitesbaby with admirable quality and affordable price. As Low As $0.69

Click on the picture and get your favorite baby boy shower invitations.

unique blue teddy bear baby boy shower invitationsunique blue teddy bear baby boy shower invitations

little toy cars design baby boy shower invitationslittle toy cars design baby boy shower invitations

cute simple baby boy shower invitationscute simple baby boy shower invitations

unique carter baby boy shower invitationunique carter baby boy shower invitation

A baby shower is an American tradition for welcoming the to-be-born baby from a long time ago, which is mostly women-oriented. For nowadays, even men have started taking an active part in the celebration. It is one of the warmest party, families and friends getting together to celebrate and make wishes for the mother and baby.


If your best friend is going to have a baby boy, then you must be planning to celebrate her joy in style. However, the big question is the baby shower invitations that are suitable for a baby boy. So, just read on and you are sure to pick one which suits you the best.


Baby Boy Pictures

Generally, invitations with baby boy pictures tell your friends and families directly that there will be an “it’s a boy” theme baby shower. You can have a cute baby boy picture or just draw a baby boy by yourself.

Baby Boy Shower Invitation
baby boy shower invitation
baby shower invitation

Clothes for Baby Boy

Clothes for baby boy on the invitations is a good idea, such as shirts and overalls, which can make them extraordinary cute and tell the guests it is a boy.

baby boy shower invitation

baby boy shower invitation

clothes baby boy shower invitation

It’s A Boy

Tell everyone it is a baby boy shower with “it’s a boy” on the invitations.

it's a boy

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Ladybug Theme Baby Shower

Ladybugs are small, oval-shaped winged insects, which are usually red with black spots or black with red spots on the wing covers. They are best known as an emblem of luck. It is said that your wish will come true when a ladybug lands on you. In Ireland, the ladybug is a symbol of protection. Under this circumstance, it is a wonderful idea to use ladybug as the theme of your baby shower, fully express your love and expectation. And, of course, ladybug’s appearance makes it beloved by both children and adults.

ladybug theme baby shower

Baby Shower Invitations

Thousands of ladybug baby shower invitations can be found online, you just need to maintain the look and find the perfect one to match with the decorations and color scheme. Ladybug baby shower invitations generally use the color of red, black, white, and maybe green which is the color of tree. Handmade ladybug baby shower invitations can be a fabulous idea. You can make your invite ladybug shaped, or paste some cute ladybugs on the invitations.

ladybug card

ladybug invite

baby shower



Baby Shower Decorations

As for the decorations, as well as plates, napkins, cups, ladybugs can also be used, to make the baby shower totally ladybug theme, full of warm and cuteness. You can use black, red and green as the main color, decorated by cute ladybugs.

ladybug plate

ladybug decor

baby shower decor

ladybugladybug decoration


Baby Shower Cakes and Desserts

Whether traditional cakes or cupcakes, they can be made with ladybugs. You can make the whole cake as one ladybug shape, or use several ladybugs to decorate the cake. Cupcakes is recommended, they can be very cute.


ladybug cake

dessert baby shower cake

Ladybugs can be a great theme for any type of baby shower-boy, girl, twins or triplets, Whether you love them as symbols of good fortune, for their usefulness in the garden, of just for their cute appearance, whether it is a home party or a garden party.