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10 Top Owl Baby Shower Invitations

pink owl baby girl shower invitationspink owl baby girl shower invitationsas low as $0.49

blue owl baby boy shower invitationsblue owl baby boy shower invitationsas low as $0.49

yellow owl baby shower invitationsyellow owl baby shower invitationsas low as $0.49

pink owl baby girl shower invitationspink owl baby girl shower invitationsas low as $0.49


Owls’ big eyes, gentle nature, soothing hoo and etc. have made them a very popular theme for baby shower invitations.

Check out these 10 owl baby shower invitations and I am sure you will love them.

owl baby shower invitation1

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I love this invitation ❤ The bright colorful design and wood like background make the whole cute and elegant. And there is “whooo’s” printed, interesting!! It will surely make your guests smile.

 owl baby shower invitation2

Baby blue for baby boys and pink for baby girls, this is a pocket style baby shower invitations. When you open the pocket and fetch out the invitation, it seems that you get an owl baby from its home.

owl baby shower invitation3

A cut front and back design that features a spotted owl on a spotted plain card. This is perfect for baby girl shower “o((>ω< ))o” .

owl baby shower invitation4

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Ridiculously cute!! Colorful owls with big eyes, spot and floral “clothes”, there are nothing but owls on the plain card, simple but really cute! Look whooo’s having a baby girl!

owl baby shower invitation5

A sweet family of owls adorns the front of the baby shower invitation. White combines yellow making up the background of it, simple, sweet and cute.

owl baby shower invitation6

Look at these colorful owl shaped baby shower invitations, and their beautiful clothes. These kinds of invitation can be 100% homemade.

 owl baby shower invitation7

This owl baby shower invite features a branch with mom and baby; totally show off the charming style. All the guests will be having a hoot when they see this fun, modern, cute, sweet baby shower invitation.

owl baby shower invitation8

owl baby shower invitation8-2

Cute hand drawn owls surround the baby shower invitation with lovely and colorful font. This pink one is suitable for baby girls and you can choose color blue for baby boys (*  ̄3)(ε ̄ *) .

owl baby shower invitation9

Two owls overlook from their nest with a to-be-born owl baby in the nest. The mother owl and the father owl are protecting the to-be-born owl baby.

owl baby shower invitation10-1

owl baby shower invitation10-2

A cloth shaped baby shower invitation with a cute owl on it makes the invitation really hoot. If I am one of the guests, I will definitely make a baby cloth just as the invitation to be the gift.


Recently, Invitesbaby launched two new products of owl baby shower invitations for both boys and girls. There is a cute owl standing on the branch with its big round watery eyes looking at you. The baby shower wordings of your choice will be printed above the owl. The blue owl is for baby boy shower invitation and pink one is for baby girl shower invitation. The price for each baby shower invitation is as low as $0.69

cute blue owl baby boy shower invitations

Cute Blue Owl Baby Boy Shower Invitations   As low as $0.69

cute pink owl baby girl shower invitations

Cute Pink Owl Baby Girl Shower Invitations  As low as $0.69


pink owl baby shower invitation

Here comes a cute pink owl baby shower invitation with wood background. Baby  Shower Invitation Wordings are printed on the right side. Get free printable baby shower invitations templates at

twins owl baby shower invitations

If you are planning a twin baby shower party, try this twin owl baby shower invitation to set the tone for your planned party. Twin owls stand on the branch and your chose baby shower wordings will be printed on the right side of the card.

What do you dear readers think o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ ?