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Monkey Theme Baby Shower Ideas and Invitations

If you are looking for an idea for a baby shower with huge amounts of entertainment and decorating potential, then a monkey theme baby shower is perfect. It is also a great way to celebrate a shower for parents who have decided to keep their baby a delivery surprise. The monkey theme is totally neutral, and there are vast amounts of items to choose from to help put the shower together. There are plenty of options, either in stores or online, for everything from invitations and tableware to thank you notes and favors.

monkey theme baby shower


What do you think of this playful monkey baby shower theme? To make it a whole success, you’d better send out your monkey baby shower invitations to give the first impression and set the right mood for the party. So how can monkey baby shower invites be absent? The invitation above if from . Just click the photo below and start to customize. has other gorgeous and cheap monkey baby shower invitations with the price of as low as $0.49.

monkey in jungle baby boy shower invitationsmonkey in jungle baby boy shower invitationsAS LOW AS $0.49

Cheap Safari Jungle Baby Shower Invitations Online 2012/2013 As Low As $0.69

The Safari and Jungle make a great theme for baby shower. If you have decided to plan a safari jungle baby shower theme, then you’ll undoubtedly need safari and jungle baby shower invitations to set the tone and give guests the first impression.

At, there are some cheap baby shower jungle invitations and safari animals baby shower invites.

monkey baby boy shower invitationsA cute monkey face on the white and blue background makes up this cute and cheap monkey baby shower invitations. As we all know, blue is better for boys, so this is perfect for a baby boy shower. As low as $0.69, just click on the picture and get this perfect baby boy shower invitations.

baby shower jungle invitationsA really cute design complete with a host of happy jungle animals including giraffe, elephant and monkey, is wonderful for both baby boy and girl showers. As low as $0.69, just click on the picture and get this baby shower jungle invitations.

jungle baby shower invitationsThis jungle and safari baby shower invitation is just awesome! It’s bright, colorful and cute, yet the shower invite text is simple and clean. I love the polka dot background! As low as $0.69, just click on the picture and get this jungle baby shower invitations.

safari baby shower invitationsA perfect for girl shower safari baby shower invitation, features these cute animals with the pink background color. As low as $0.69, just click on the picture and get this jungle baby shower invitations.

Brilliant Monkey Baby Shower Invitations

Monkey theme baby showers are quite hot right now. If you are planning a cute monkey themed shower for the mother-to-be, you may need a perfect monkey baby shower invitation.


Make invitations that have a monkey picture. You can also make them in shape of monkeys or just the monkey’s face. You can either draw it yourself or option for clip arts. A pink or baby blue background plain card with many small monkey and banana pictures is also a good idea. Here are some examples.

pink monkey baby shower invitation

This is a pink color theme monkey baby shower invitation, perfect for baby girls. Pink spots on white plain card makes the whole a cute one. There is a cute monkey with a beautiful red bow, becoming the light spot of the invite, successfully adding a touch of liveliness to the good-looking card. Guests attending the party can either wear pink clothes or clothes with monkeys on.

monkey and banana

bananas invite

It is known that banana is monkey’s favorite food. Sending a banana shape invitation can tell your guests it is a monkey theme baby shower as shown above. The words “It a boy” is for baby boys, and of course if you are planning a baby girl baby shower, you can definitely change the words to “It is a girl”. Or you can put monkeys and bananas together, which can make a harmonious picture.

Monkey Baby Shower

Monkeys are generally considered to be intelligent with tails that can hang on trees. Here is a invitation with four monkeys and some tree branches on the right side. The uppermost monkey is hanging on a tree branch with his tail, taking another’s monkey’s hands at the same time. The third monkey is hanging on another tree branch with his hands and the forth one is standing. You can have your wordings printed on the left side. The whole invitation looks very cute and it is suitable for both boys and girls.


Read on and you can see more monkey baby shower invitations. Choose your favorite one and tell me (^人^)

pink monkey invitation

monkey baby shower invite

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monkey baby shower invitations

pink monkey baby shower invite