Unique Baby Shower Themes for Baby Boys

Are you planning a baby boy shower and hesitating about the baby shower theme? There are numerous things that baby boys love and at the same time make good theme for a baby boy shower party. Just read on and choose your favorite theme.

Sports Theme

This is obvious a baby shower theme for boys and can be a very convenient one. Invitations can be sent out on sport toys such as baseballs and footballs, or baby shower invitation cards with sports items printed on. Guests can be requested to dress up in sports costumes. Here is a baby shower invitation for you from Invitesbaby.

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Cars/Bikes Theme

Cars/Bikes or other transportations themes are also suitable for baby boy showers. Baby shower cakes and food can be made in the shape of cars or bikes. As for the invitations, printing transportations on the invitation cards can be a wonderful idea.

Video Games Theme

Video games theme can be a unique baby shower theme for boys. Choose the most recent and famous video games as the baby boy shower theme. The shower games are definite video games!

Safari or Jungle Theme

Safari and jungle themes are popular for baby showers, and they can be a fun and easy way to celebrate. Decorations can go safari or jungle animals style, together with the same shaped cakes and food. Invitations can be sent out with safari or jungle animals printed on. Here is a monkey baby shower invitation that can be used as safari or jungle baby shower invitation form Invitesbaby.

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