Hot Baby Shower Centerpiece ideas in 2012/2013

When planning a baby shower, one of the important parts is the centerpiece decoration. If you are not sure about the centerpiece ideas about the baby shower you are planning, please read on and here are some hot centerpiece ideas for your reference.

Diaper Cake

Diaper cake is a wonderful baby shower decorations because they are not only cute but can be useful long after the party is over. A diaper cake can be as simple as several tiers of rolled diapers stacked in the form of a cake and decorated with ribbon or they can be elegant and covered with baby items like booties, baby bottles, and etc.

diaper cakes


You’ll find thousands of baby shower balloon decoration ideas online and they can be made into a lot of shapes like cute animals, or some unique centerpieces you want. Use your imagination and come up with great color schemes that either matches the party or the baby’s nursery.

balloon baby shower centerpiece ideas


I can’t think of any celebration in which flowers won’t work so using flowers in baby shower centerpieces shouldn’t be wrong. Even simple, less expensive daisies, sunflowers can be wonderful decorations.


baby shower centerpiece ideas


Handmade centerpieces can add a personal touch to the tables and might even incorporate additional gifts for the parents-to-be or party favors for guests while decorating. If you want to plan a unique baby shower party for your friends or family, try to use handmade centerpieces.

handmade baby shower centerpieces

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