4 Hottest Trends in Celebrating Baby Showers for 2012/2013

If I throw a baby shower, for me, the last thing I want to do is use the same baby shower party ideas that everyone else uses. I definitely want the shower to be unique and memorable (* ̄3 ̄)╭ , and the newest and most popular invitations, games, favors and etc. to be used.


If you dear readers have the same opinion with me, let us check out these hottest trends for baby shower parties together.


Go Vintage!

As the vintage style has swept the whole world, baby shower party can absolutely not be excluded. You can send out your unique vintage baby shower invitations to let the guests know it is a vintage style party, and the decorations, foods, favors, etc. should be vintage as well.

shower for baby go vintage

baby shower table decorations go vintage

baby shower decorations vintage

vintage baby stroller baby shower card


Bring a Book

Book theme baby shower is incredibly popular these days, to start the baby’s library. It formalizes the desire for babies to get a head start to success for many mothers or mother-to-be, as guests give books as baby shower gifts. This often becomes very personal, as friends and family leave notes to the child inside the book.

baby shower decorations book theme

book theme shower

“bring a book” baby shower invitations

Sip and See

Most baby showers are still being held before the baby is born. However, there are more and more “sip and see” parties than the traditional baby showers we have in the past. This kind of party is a small one held after the baby is born where guests have the opportunity to see the baby.

sip and see invitation

sip and see one year

sip and see party invites

sip and see

sip and see party

Guys Only Shower

The man shower is a growing trend and the “Diapers for Dad” theme is particularly popular. A poker or a beer party can be wonderful. Dads are going to enjoy the huge diaper scores!!

(╯‵□′)╯””┻━┻☆))>○<) Just pulled out the poker table with beers and barbeque. Guests should bring diapers. Dads gonna love it!!!!!


daddy doody kit baby shower

daddy baby shower

beers baby shower

daddy diaper party

beer baby shower

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