Baby Shower Thank You Cards Wording Ideas and Samples

When the baby shower is over, we need to send thank you cards to friends and guests, which is the appropriate way to show our gratitude to their presence and gifts. The cards are usually sent as early as possible, meaning 3-4 days after the shower. If not possible, it’s better to send a delayed thank you card rather than no note.

baby shower thank you wording

Here is some etiquette for baby shower thank you wording.
❤ Writing thank you cards personally, as hand-written notes is highly recommended.
❤ Have the name of the one you want to show your attitude on the note.
❤ Have the type of gift received mentioned in the card.
❤ Try to make the thank you notes sound personal and heartfelt instead of generic and clinical.

owl baby shower invitation wording

Then here are some baby shower thank you card samples.

Dear (name)
Thank you very much for arranging the food for the party. You always cook amazing food. Can I have a recipe for it?
We were equally thrilled to get these caps. (Baby’s name) will surely look cool with them. It is really appreciated. Thank you very much.
Lots of Love
(Sender’s name)

baby shower wordings

Dear (name)
Just a few words to say thank you for sharing in our special day. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did; the party games were an absolute hoot, weren’t they?
Thank you also for the gorgeous blue outfit-it is adorable. I can’t wait for the baby to arrive so he can wear it.
(Sender’s name)

baby shower thank you wording ideas

Hi (name)
I would like to let you know that you are so fabulous during my baby shower. You add up to the fun and enjoyment of the occasion. I really appreciate your effort for being there with us. You are one of a kind.
I really appreciate the books that you gave me about good parenting. I’ve been reading it every day and I’ve learned so many things from it. This would have been a very big help for me as I take care of my baby.
Once again, thank you very much (name).
Love from
(Sender’s name)


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