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Baby Shower Thank You Cards Wording Ideas and Samples

When the baby shower is over, we need to send thank you cards to friends and guests, which is the appropriate way to show our gratitude to their presence and gifts. The cards are usually sent as early as possible, meaning 3-4 days after the shower. If not possible, it’s better to send a delayed thank you card rather than no note.

baby shower thank you wording

Here is some etiquette for baby shower thank you wording.
❤ Writing thank you cards personally, as hand-written notes is highly recommended.
❤ Have the name of the one you want to show your attitude on the note.
❤ Have the type of gift received mentioned in the card.
❤ Try to make the thank you notes sound personal and heartfelt instead of generic and clinical.

owl baby shower invitation wording

Then here are some baby shower thank you card samples.

Dear (name)
Thank you very much for arranging the food for the party. You always cook amazing food. Can I have a recipe for it?
We were equally thrilled to get these caps. (Baby’s name) will surely look cool with them. It is really appreciated. Thank you very much.
Lots of Love
(Sender’s name)

baby shower wordings

Dear (name)
Just a few words to say thank you for sharing in our special day. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did; the party games were an absolute hoot, weren’t they?
Thank you also for the gorgeous blue outfit-it is adorable. I can’t wait for the baby to arrive so he can wear it.
(Sender’s name)

baby shower thank you wording ideas

Hi (name)
I would like to let you know that you are so fabulous during my baby shower. You add up to the fun and enjoyment of the occasion. I really appreciate your effort for being there with us. You are one of a kind.
I really appreciate the books that you gave me about good parenting. I’ve been reading it every day and I’ve learned so many things from it. This would have been a very big help for me as I take care of my baby.
Once again, thank you very much (name).
Love from
(Sender’s name)


Baby Shower Invitation Wordings for an Owl Baby Shower

Owl is an increasingly popular theme for a baby shower party, which is almost as cute as a baby itself. When having an owl baby shower, owl baby shower invitations are sent to set the tone and give guests the first impression. For this reason, choosing the right baby shower invitation wordings can play a big role. Here are some owl baby shower invitation wording ideas for your reference.

baby shower invitations owl

Whoo loves you, little one? We do!

cute owl baby shower invitations

What a hoot! Baby Samantha Anderson is arriving soon!

owl baby boy shower invitations

Look whooo’s having a baby…mommy-to-be Jenny…that is whooo!

owl baby girl shower invitation

Whoo, whoo…is coming soon? Boy or Girl…we don’t know whoo!

owl baby shower invitation

Guess whooo is almost due?…Chloee that is whoo!

owl baby shower invites

Look Whoooo’s having a baby girl/boy!

pink owl baby shower invitations

Unique Baby Shower Wording Ideas

Deciding on the baby shower invitation wording is never an easy work. It may be daunting because everyone is going to see the invitations and you want them to be cute and clever to give a brilliant first impression of the baby shower party you planned for your friends or family.

baby shower ideas

When wording a baby shower invitation, there is some essential information to be included.

❀ a cute baby shower verse or poem

❀ an invite to the baby shower

❀ date, time, location, address of the baby shower

❀ name and phone to whom guests should R.S.V.P

❀ the expectant mom’s name, baby’s name

baby shower decoration

princess baby girl shower invitations

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Then here are some unique baby shower invitation wordings for both baby boys and baby girls.

❤ Twinkle, twinkle little star, how we wonder who you are?

❤ Bottles and Booties, Diapers and Pins, This is where a Princess’s life begins!

❤ Is it blue, or is it pink? It’s one of each, or so we think!

❤ I’m sorry I can’t be with you, but I’m very busy painting my eyes, my cheeks, and my hair so my mommy & daddy will be proud of me.

❤ God has blessed them with two bundles of joy-A very special gift…A girl and a boy!

❤ They explore and conquer, romp and run, so full of spirit and oh so much fun!

❤ Popsicle kisses and big bear hugs, Little red wagons and jars full of bugs, Grass stains, football games, lots of toys, oh the joys. It’s a boy!

❤ Join us for a ba-bee shower. Cute as can bee!

❤ A little Ladybug will soon be here for you to meet! Join us for a Baby Shower for mommy Ladybug Ava!

❤ It’s a boy/girl! Let’s Go Bananas! Join us to monkey around with …

❤ Who is getting more pleasure from the rocking, baby or me?

❤ Rubber Ducky, you’re the one, to make our party so much fun!

❤ Moo, moo…Oink, oink! Cluck, cluck…Baa, baa! The news is spreading…Anna’s little lamb will arrive soon!

Etiquette and Wording Tips for Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are need after a baby shower; however, with so much on your mind the words may be harder to come by. Here are some etiquette and tips for you.

hello kitty baby shower thank you card wording


❤ Make hand written notes, it is fair since your guests went through both time and expense to choose a gift for your baby. Avoid writing more than four thank you cards at a time to keep your handwriting neat.


❤ Mention the specific gift in your thank you notes. For example, “Thank you for the lovely jumpsuit—little (Name of your baby if born) will look absolutely smashing all summer” is much better than just saying “Thank you for the gift”.


❤ Use the word “you” more than the word “I” to emphasize your gratitude for your friends and loved ones. Be sincere and address the thank you cards to the recipient by name.


❤ Take the time to thank the people who host the baby shower. They often receive a thank you gift such as candy, a picture frame or an engraved bracelet or locket. Arranging the party takes a lot of effort, so make sure to let them know how much it means to you.


❤ If your baby has already been born, make sure to include a photo of your little one in the card. It makes an ideal baby shower thank you.


❤ Send your baby shower thank you notes within two weeks. However, If you are late, remember, a late thank you card is better than no thank you at all.

owl baby shower thank you cards

owl baby shower invitation cards

Use a poem

Your own original poem or a famous poem can be used to express your thanks. Recently, a lot of people like to write a poem from the baby’s point of view. For instance:

I have something I need to say

Although I’m not even born yet

But I had to say a thank you

For all the gifts I’ll get


I’d also like to say thanks

From mom and dad too

For all the beautiful gifts

In pinks, and greens, and blues


While I had an empty closet

And my clothes and toys were few

That has all been changed

Thanks to all of you!!

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Mod Mum baby shower thank you cards

woodsy forest baby shower thank you cards

Unique Wording Ideas for Your Baby Shower Wording

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A baby shower is held for the would-be-mother or would-be-parents to celebrate the arrival of the new family member, where family members and close friends getting together. Baby shower invitation cards are prepared to invite the guests for the ceremony.


To plan a baby shower, designing the invites may be the first job. A perfect baby shower invitation wording will make a wonderful impression and give the ceremony a beautiful start.

baby girl shower invitation wording

baby shower invitation wording


The followings are some important points that you should include in the baby shower invitation:

·baby shower invitation wording

·baby shower date

·baby shower time

·baby shower venue (complete address)

·name and contact number of the person to whom the guest should R.S.V.P

·name of the mother-to-be, also include the name of the baby if decided

baby boy shower invitations wording

baby shower wording

Read on and here are some baby shower invitation wording ideas for you.


Generally, baby shower theme sets the tone for the ceremony. So, the best way is to have the wording reflect your baby shower themes.

 baby boy shower invites wording

For instance, if you choose a Snoopy theme for a baby shower, your unique baby shower invitation wording can go like “Mama Snoopy, Daddy Snoopy and … a new Baby Snoopy is on the way in the Smith family!! Celebrate for their new arrival!!”

 baby shower invitation snoopy

You can change it to fit any other cute baby shower themes like ladybug baby shower theme, Winnie The Pooh baby shower theme, owl themed baby shower and etc.

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower

girl baby shower invitation wording

If your theme is holiday or special occasion, like Halloween baby shower, here is an idea for Halloween baby shower invitation wording: “Soon the Frost will be on the Pumpkins! We have been waiting so long, and now we have a new little one coming to our Patch! Proud Parents (Mother): names…”

halloween baby shower invitation

There are no worries if you do not have a theme for the baby shower. Try to use some infant essentials like bottles, diapers, pins and more. For example, Bottles & booties, diapers and pins, Bibs and more, these are where love begins!!o(*^▽^*)o

baby boy shower invite wording

baby girl shower invitations wording