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Top 10 Baby Shower Cakes 2013/2014

Hi, friends, did you have a great weekend? Well, I went to SPA with 3 of my lady friends and it’s amazing! W is planning a baby shower for her friend, and she is not sure about the baby shower cake. Baby shower cake plays a very important role in the baby shower party.  How do you get the inspirations for baby shower cakes? Here I have listed the top 10 baby shower cakes and I hope they can help you.

baby shower cakes

baby shower cakes

baby shower cakes

baby shower cakes

baby shower cakes

baby shower cakes

baby shower cakes

baby shower cakes

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Baby Shower Cupcakes Ideas for Girls

Baby Shower cake is one of the most important elements of a baby shower party that highlights the entire event. Cupcakes can be a great alternative to a large decorated sheet baby shower cake, which are not only neat and easy to handle but they can also serve as a stunning baby shower centerpiece if decorated well and kept on a big cupcake stand. In this post, I will share some gorgeous baby shower cupcakes for baby girl shower parties.

baby shower cupcakes flowers

Most girls love flowers, and so flower cupcakes do. Flower baby shower cupcakes are suitable for any baby girl shower parties.

baby shower cupcakes fruits

Fruit is another wonderful idea for baby girl shower cupcakes, such as strawberry, lemon, no matter it is the really fruit or fruit shaped.

baby girl shower cupcakes clothes

Clothes and Shoes
Use the baby girl clothes or shoes shaped cupcakes to tell your guests it is a girl!

owl baby shower cupcakes

Cute Animals
Make the cupcakes into a cute animals shape is very popular, such as owl baby shower cupcakes, bunny baby shower cupcakes, which is also suitable for baby boy shower parties.

Brilliant Baby Shower Cupcakes for You

When there is a baby shower which you have to organize, baby shower cupcake has becoming more and more popular and one of the necessities of a baby shower party, which you can use as a dessert to win all your guests over as well as a wonderful centerpiece to make the party even more special. The ideas for a cake don’t have to be complicated and difficult, but they can be simple ones like flowers, strollers, baby feet, etc. If you know the gender of the baby, you can have the cake made for baby boys and baby girls differently. Here are some brilliant cupcakes for baby shower parties, and make them match with your baby shower clothes cupcakescute dog cupcake

baby shower cakes

peas baby shower cupcakes

cupcake pink

angry birds cupcakes


5 Hot Baby Shower Cakes Ideas for 2012/2013

Gonna have a baby shower? Congratulations on your new baby! ( ̄▽ ̄)o∠※PAN!=.:*:’☆.:*:’★’:*

Baby shower cakes have been one of the most important foods in a party, which always confuse us what kind of cakes to buy and how to select the right baby shower cakes. For me, the first thing I should consider is the theme of the whole baby shower party. I definitely won’t purchase a monkey cakes if the party is owl themed. :-D And the next element to consider is the gender of the baby, especially when I have a gender-specific theme. All that’s left is my preference.


What about you dear readers? What are you going to consider when you purchase the baby shower cakes? If you have not decided the theme of the party, then check out the following hot baby shower cakes, they are extremely hot in 2012/2013.


Cute Animals Cakes

As the increasingly popularity of monkey theme baby shower, ducky theme baby shower, zebra theme baby shower, owl theme baby shower, and etc, these cute animals are also very popular in taking an important role in baby shower cakes. Cute bridal shower cakes for both baby girls and baby boys.

giraffe baby shower cakesmonkye cakes

owl baby cakes

ducky cakes

Flower Pot Cupcakes 

I should specially recommend this ridiculously cute flower pot cupcake for baby shower, especially baby shower cakes for girls, and it is not difficult to make. Just cut the marshmallows into four to five slices used for petals, and stick them to the lollipop. I really love this to be the cakes of my baby shower. Click here to see the specific practice.


flower pot

flow-pot-muffin baby shower

spring flower cakes

Bassinet Cakes 

This kind of cakes look fantastic in several colors, we can choose the colors as we like or depending on the gender of the baby, blue for baby boy and pink for baby girl\(^o^)/, surrounded with icings designed as ruffles, dots and etc.

bassinet cakes

bassinet baby shower cakes

bassinet baby shower cakes dot

Pregnant Belly Cakes

It is a kind of funny but moving cake. Mothers are pregnant for ten months, and they really pay a lot. Give a shower for both the baby and the mother, with the really funny cakes. You will love this design!!

 belly baby cakes

baby belly cakes baby shower

pregnant belly cakes

Baby Footie Cake 

Making cute multicolored foot designed cookies and combining them together to make a mouth-watering baby shower cake. Impress your guests with your fabulous creativity!!

 baby foot cakes

footie baby cakes

footie cakes