Ideas of Baby Shower Invitations for girls

OK! We have talked about baby shower invitations for boys before and now we will continue the baby girl shower invitations. They are so amazing and I am just obsessed, fine, maybe prepare for my friends or for me…o((≧▽≦o) I like babies, really. One of my best friends will get married after two days and I can’t help being excited.


Generally speaking, baby blue is used for baby boy shower invitations, and when you plan a baby girl shower, you may need the color pink. Here are some ideas for baby girl shower invitations.


Baby Girl Pictures

The same as the baby boy pictures shower invitations; you can have a beautiful baby girl picture printed on your baby shower invitations to tell the guests it is a girl. The background color can be pink. Guests attended can also wear pink clothes.

baby girl invite

girl invite

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Clothes for Baby Girl

Dresses are unique for girls, so you can print cute dresses on the invitations or just make the invitations dress-shaped.

baby girl showwer invitation

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baby shower invite clothes

baby girl dress invitation

baby girl shower invite

It Is A Girl

With “it’s a girl” printed on the pink background invitations, the guests will surely know it is a baby girl shower.


it is a baby girl

It is A girl invite

it's a girl

it is a girl


As daughters are considered to be princess, having a princess printed invitation can also be fabulous. Then the decorations for the party can be done in a royal style. Sending tiara-shaped invitations is highly recommended.

tiara invitetiara invitation

Angel Baby

Children are considered to be angels and this would be one of the cool baby shower invitations. You can choose invitations with angels on it or angel shaped invitations. This is also suitable for baby boy shower invitations.


angel invite

angel girl baby invite

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angel baby invite

Barbie Doll

Barbie dolls are popular among girls, and they like to make up for Barbie dolls just like their own children. Have a Barbie printed on the invitations for girls’ baby shower can be a wonderful idea.

 barbie invite


Butterflies are no doubt extremely beautiful with many colors. Butterfly theme baby shower invitations are very welcome for baby girl shower.

butterfly invitation

butterfly invite

Butterfly Shower Invite

Which ideas mentioned above do you like best? If you have other ideas, please tell me o(*^▽^*)o


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