How to Plan a Butterfly Baby Shower

Designing a baby shower around butterflies can provide a number of colors and design options, which represent a lot of things, such as new beginnings, change and joy. There are many people enjoy watching butterflies and find their ethereal beauty inspiring. Here are some ideas for you to plan a butterfly theme baby shower.

butterfly theme baby shower ideas

Butterfly Baby Shower Invitations

Let friends and family know about the butterfly theme party by sending the butterfly themed baby shower invitations, to invite them and ask them celebrating together on the coming birth.

The following butterfly baby shower invitation features some pink butterflies on the white background with your baby shower wordings printed under these adorable butterflies.

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 butterfly baby shower invitations

Butterfly Baby Shower Food

When it comes to the food and drinks, lots of treats can be butterfly-shaped. Use a butterfly cookie cutter to make sugar cookies and butterfly finger foods with the same color scheme. Bake or order a cake in the shape of a butterfly or with some butterflies on it. As for the drinks, purchase twisted plastic party straws in the shape of butterflies to add to your guests’ glasses.

butterfly baby shower dessert

butterfly baby shower drinks

butterfly baby shower cake

butterfly baby shower foods

Butterfly Baby Shower Decorations

A wide variety of butterfly-themed party supplies and decorations are available online or party supply stores. Choose butterfly theme or the same color scheme for tablecloths, napkins, paper dishes and cups and etc. Hang or stick fabric craft butterflies around the room.


butterfly baby shower

butterfly baby shower decor

Butterfly Baby Shower Favors

Favors for the guests can include small butterfly-shaped boxes, butterfly candle holders or packed with the same color scheme favor bags.

butterfly baby shower favors

butterfly candle holders

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