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10 Unique Ways to Reveal Baby’s Gender for Baby Shower Parties

The gender reveal party trend has exploded in the last years and people are looking for reasons to celebrate. Here are some unique ways to reveal baby’s gender for baby shower ideas.

unique diaper pink baby girl shower invitations

Balloons-in-a-box is one of the hottest trends going. Have a party and open a giant package while all your guests look on. Inside will be pink helium balloons if it’s a girl. Blue balloons if it’s a boy. Or, pop a balloon with pink or blue confetti inside.

reveal baby's gender with ballon for baby shower party

Make It a Game
Have guests guess baby’s gender. At the end of the party, announce what it is. Everyone who guessed correctly gets a trinket to take home with them.

baby shower games to reveal baby's gender

Gender Reveal Desserts
Getting creative with food can be an easy way to make your party extra festive – just don’t forget the food dye!

fabulous pink baby girl shower cakes

Big Brother or Big Sister Announcing
If you have an older child, let him (or her!) announce baby’s gender by wearing a shirt that says, “I’m getting a baby brother!” or “I’m getting a baby sister!”

unique ways to reveal baby's gender for baby shower party

Ultrasound Pictures
Love Photo shopping your favorite photos? Do it to baby’s ultrasound pic! Add a pink bow or a blue tie to baby’s sonogram, frame it and send it to his or her future grandparents.

Ultrasound Picture to reveal baby's gender for baby shower ideas

Baby Shower Themes
Today’s expecting parents are using fun themes for their reveals, such as pregnancy cravings (think pickles, ice cream, and potato chips) or ducks (hang up a “waddle it be” banner).You can also let holidays guide the theme. “Our friend had her gender reveal in October, and everyone wore either a pink or blue pumpkin pin” says one BabyCenter expecting mom. Or simply pink for baby girl shower ideas and blue for baby boy shower ideas.

pink baby shower ideas for girls

blue baby boy shower ideas

Care Packages
Have gifts delivered to the grandparents-to-be. On the tag, write, “Baby is a…” Inside, layer pink and blue tissue, nested boxes, confetti — and whatever else you can find to keep them guessing! At the bottom, a boy’s outfit, or a girl’s outfit will be waiting for them to find.

ideas to reveal baby's gender for a baby shower

One popular way for expecting parents to reveal their baby’s sex is to unwrap a baby outfit in front of party guests.

choose the right outfit to reveal baby gender for baby shower ideas

Family Photo
Have a picture taken of your feet, your partner’s and an empty pair of baby girl or baby boy shoes.

family photo to reveal baby gender for baby shower party
Make those guests commit! Ask everyone to wear either pink or blue, or provide gender-specific accessories, such as pink and blue bead necklaces, pins, leis, or temporary tattoos. One inspired couple gave out cardboard mustaches and lips on sticks.

baby shower ideas to reveal baby's gender

Fall Baby Shower Ideas 2013

Hi, guys, how is everything going? It’s still very hot outside, and I’m kind of missing fall. With fall around the corner, it is the perfect time to throw a fall themed baby shower. Choosing a theme around the season is unique and creates a palette perfect for a boy, girl or neutral shower.

Halloween Pumpkin Theme Baby Shower Ideas for Fall

Fall theme baby shower Halloween pumpkin inspirations 2013

Maple Leaves and Sunflower Fall Baby Shower Inspirations

maple leaves and sunflower fall baby shower ideas 2013

Chevron Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

peach and teal chevron baby shower decoration ideas



Pink Bird Theme Baby Shower Ideas for Girls

Pink is the perfect color to welcome your baby girl. It is very feminine and hence the ideal one for your baby doll. So, all you need is pink color everywhere. Or you can add some cute elements, like the theme of this post-bird, to the pink theme party. For the baby shower decorations, using some white cages with pink flowers are recommended.

pretty bird theme pink baby shower ideas for girls

bird theme pink baby girl shower ideas

This pink baby shower party with bird elements is perfect for welcoming your baby girl. Using the color pink for the decorations, food and drinks, making the baby shower party very sweet.

bird theme pink baby girl shower decoration ideas

cute pink baby girl shower cupcakes

pink baby girl showr party bird decorations

pink bird baby girl shower party food

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