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How to Plan a Butterfly Baby Shower

Designing a baby shower around butterflies can provide a number of colors and design options, which represent a lot of things, such as new beginnings, change and joy. There are many people enjoy watching butterflies and find their ethereal beauty inspiring. Here are some ideas for you to plan a butterfly theme baby shower.

butterfly theme baby shower ideas

Butterfly Baby Shower Invitations

Let friends and family know about the butterfly theme party by sending the butterfly themed baby shower invitations, to invite them and ask them celebrating together on the coming birth.

The following butterfly baby shower invitation features some pink butterflies on the white background with your baby shower wordings printed under these adorable butterflies.

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 butterfly baby shower invitations

Butterfly Baby Shower Food

When it comes to the food and drinks, lots of treats can be butterfly-shaped. Use a butterfly cookie cutter to make sugar cookies and butterfly finger foods with the same color scheme. Bake or order a cake in the shape of a butterfly or with some butterflies on it. As for the drinks, purchase twisted plastic party straws in the shape of butterflies to add to your guests’ glasses.

butterfly baby shower dessert

butterfly baby shower drinks

butterfly baby shower cake

butterfly baby shower foods

Butterfly Baby Shower Decorations

A wide variety of butterfly-themed party supplies and decorations are available online or party supply stores. Choose butterfly theme or the same color scheme for tablecloths, napkins, paper dishes and cups and etc. Hang or stick fabric craft butterflies around the room.


butterfly baby shower

butterfly baby shower decor

Butterfly Baby Shower Favors

Favors for the guests can include small butterfly-shaped boxes, butterfly candle holders or packed with the same color scheme favor bags.

butterfly baby shower favors

butterfly candle holders

Hot Baby Shower Centerpiece ideas in 2012/2013

When planning a baby shower, one of the important parts is the centerpiece decoration. If you are not sure about the centerpiece ideas about the baby shower you are planning, please read on and here are some hot centerpiece ideas for your reference.

Diaper Cake

Diaper cake is a wonderful baby shower decorations because they are not only cute but can be useful long after the party is over. A diaper cake can be as simple as several tiers of rolled diapers stacked in the form of a cake and decorated with ribbon or they can be elegant and covered with baby items like booties, baby bottles, and etc.

diaper cakes


You’ll find thousands of baby shower balloon decoration ideas online and they can be made into a lot of shapes like cute animals, or some unique centerpieces you want. Use your imagination and come up with great color schemes that either matches the party or the baby’s nursery.

balloon baby shower centerpiece ideas


I can’t think of any celebration in which flowers won’t work so using flowers in baby shower centerpieces shouldn’t be wrong. Even simple, less expensive daisies, sunflowers can be wonderful decorations.


baby shower centerpiece ideas


Handmade centerpieces can add a personal touch to the tables and might even incorporate additional gifts for the parents-to-be or party favors for guests while decorating. If you want to plan a unique baby shower party for your friends or family, try to use handmade centerpieces.

handmade baby shower centerpieces

Cheap Safari Jungle Baby Shower Invitations Online 2012/2013 As Low As $0.69

The Safari and Jungle make a great theme for baby shower. If you have decided to plan a safari jungle baby shower theme, then you’ll undoubtedly need safari and jungle baby shower invitations to set the tone and give guests the first impression.

At, there are some cheap baby shower jungle invitations and safari animals baby shower invites.

monkey baby boy shower invitationsA cute monkey face on the white and blue background makes up this cute and cheap monkey baby shower invitations. As we all know, blue is better for boys, so this is perfect for a baby boy shower. As low as $0.69, just click on the picture and get this perfect baby boy shower invitations.

baby shower jungle invitationsA really cute design complete with a host of happy jungle animals including giraffe, elephant and monkey, is wonderful for both baby boy and girl showers. As low as $0.69, just click on the picture and get this baby shower jungle invitations.

jungle baby shower invitationsThis jungle and safari baby shower invitation is just awesome! It’s bright, colorful and cute, yet the shower invite text is simple and clean. I love the polka dot background! As low as $0.69, just click on the picture and get this jungle baby shower invitations.

safari baby shower invitationsA perfect for girl shower safari baby shower invitation, features these cute animals with the pink background color. As low as $0.69, just click on the picture and get this jungle baby shower invitations.

Match Your Baby Shower Invitations with Party Decorations Elements

A baby shower trends to be a theme party rather than a simple friends and family getting together nowadays. We are more concentrating on the invitations and decorations to match with the whole party theme. Here is a sample to match your baby shower invitations with decorations.

baby shower

With or without lights in them, paper lanterns give any room or outdoor space an instantly festive feel to a baby shower. Decorated the lanterns with some bright flowers can be a plus. Match this decoration with our pink blooming flowers baby shower invitations is a perfect idea.This is perfect for a baby girl shower.

pink flower baby girl shower invitations

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Hot Baby Girl Shower Invitations for 2012/2013 at Invitesbaby

When it comes to a baby girl shower, the pink color scheme seems to be the most familiar thing for baby girl because it represents femininity and cuteness of a baby girl. Other than clothes, boys, and accessories, pink baby girl shower invitations can be a point, and moms will love them!

Here are some hot baby girl shower invitations for 2012/2013 at Invitesbaby with good quality and affordable price.

Pink Baby Girl Shower Invitations with baby clothes

girl baby shower invitations
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The main color scheme of pink and white make up this soft cute baby girl shower invitations with some pink baby clothes and a bear on. Your chosen baby shower wordings will be printed in the white area in pink.  This baby girl shower invitation is particularly perfect for a pink theme baby girl shower.


Pink Pram Baby Girl Shower Invitations
pram baby shower invitations

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A pram full of your gifts for the mom-to-be as a surprise at the party can be really warm hearted. Send this pink pram baby girl shower invitations to set the tone for the baby shower. Pink and brown can be chosen as the main color scheme for the party decoration.


White and Pink Character Baby Girl Shower Invitations

baby shower invitations for girls

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If you are not sure about the baby girl shower theme you’re planning, try this white and pink character baby girl shower invitation which is perfect for baby girl shower theme, such as pink theme, princess theme.


Purple Princess Baby Girl Shower Invitations
princess baby shower invitations

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Want a unique color scheme for a baby girl shower? Consider this purple princess baby girl shower invitation which is perfect for a princess theme baby girl shower party using purple as the main color scheme. Your chosen baby shower wordings will be printed under the crown.