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Top 5 Baby Shower Gift Ideas in 2013

To celebrate the mothers-to-be with your gifts to help them get ready for the parenthood, this is the basic motivation behind the baby showers. Generally speaking, the baby shower gifts should be useful. Here are top 5 gift ideas in 2013 which moms-to-be will love them.

baby shower cookies

Diaper Bag

Getting the mother a chic bag that has enough space for the diapers and bottles, keys, wallet and etc. can be a great idea, considering the appearance.

diaper bag


A baby can never have enough clothes, so why not prepare a set for the little one, such as pajamas, sleep gowns, caps and leggings. There are numerous colors and styles to choose from. Or you can also make them by yourself!

baby clothing


A shelf full of classic children’s books is a gift sure to win any mom-to-be’s heart. Reading the books to her child will strengthen their bond and the baby will begin to appreciate the beauty of the written word. Recommended books: Goodnight Moon, Runaway Bunny, and Guess How Much I Love You? This is particularly perfect for a book theme baby shower.


Car Seat

Safety first, even when it comes to the baby shower presents. Get a car seat for the baby to make sure that he or she is safe when riding the car, really a warmhearted gift. But keep in mind that the car seat you get has been thoroughly tested to make sure the quality.

baby car seat


A carrier can make the life of the mother easier, and at the same time can keep the baby comfortable. This gift might not get a full appreciative reaction until after the baby is born, but expect a bouquet of flowers or a gushy phone can around week three.

baby carrier

Ladybug Baby Shower Inspiration Board

Entertain the mother-to-be and guests with a ladybug baby shower. Ladybugs are so much fun and an eye catching motif for a baby shower party, which is equally well for a girl or boy baby, and there are many baby shower products available in ladybug patterns. As for the party decorations, you can match the red and black colors with balloons, tablecloths, food and gifts. This baby shower theme is particularly appropriate for a mom-to-be who has decorated her nursery with a ladybug theme.

ladybug baby shower

This ladybug baby shower invitation features a cute ladybug on the bottom left of the white background card, with the main color theme of red, black and white, which is perfect for a ladybug baby shower color scheme. If you want to know more about ladybug baby shower invitations, please click here.

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ladybug baby shower invitations

Unique Baby Shower Themes for Baby Boys

Are you planning a baby boy shower and hesitating about the baby shower theme? There are numerous things that baby boys love and at the same time make good theme for a baby boy shower party. Just read on and choose your favorite theme.

Sports Theme

This is obvious a baby shower theme for boys and can be a very convenient one. Invitations can be sent out on sport toys such as baseballs and footballs, or baby shower invitation cards with sports items printed on. Guests can be requested to dress up in sports costumes. Here is a baby shower invitation for you from Invitesbaby.

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Cars/Bikes Theme

Cars/Bikes or other transportations themes are also suitable for baby boy showers. Baby shower cakes and food can be made in the shape of cars or bikes. As for the invitations, printing transportations on the invitation cards can be a wonderful idea.

Video Games Theme

Video games theme can be a unique baby shower theme for boys. Choose the most recent and famous video games as the baby boy shower theme. The shower games are definite video games!

Safari or Jungle Theme

Safari and jungle themes are popular for baby showers, and they can be a fun and easy way to celebrate. Decorations can go safari or jungle animals style, together with the same shaped cakes and food. Invitations can be sent out with safari or jungle animals printed on. Here is a monkey baby shower invitation that can be used as safari or jungle baby shower invitation form Invitesbaby.

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Hello Kitty Baby Shower Inspiration Board

Hello Kitty has been a popular theme for baby showers, especially for baby girl showers. The Hello Kitty baby line was created in 1999, which created a strong demand for the debut of the baby style design. Being so adorably cute and cuddly, Hello Kitty is loved by almost every one. If you are planning a baby girl shower for the mom-to-be, consider the Hello Kitty theme, which she will love it! Using white and pink to prepare hello kitty baby shower invitations and decorations can be a wonderful idea.

hello kitty baby shower

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The Hello Kitty Baby Shower Invitation features the cute Kitty and some birds on the white and pink polka dot background. The baby shower invitation wordings of your choice are printed in the middle of the card.

Brilliant Baby Shower Cupcakes for You

When there is a baby shower which you have to organize, baby shower cupcake has becoming more and more popular and one of the necessities of a baby shower party, which you can use as a dessert to win all your guests over as well as a wonderful centerpiece to make the party even more special. The ideas for a cake don’t have to be complicated and difficult, but they can be simple ones like flowers, strollers, baby feet, etc. If you know the gender of the baby, you can have the cake made for baby boys and baby girls differently. Here are some brilliant cupcakes for baby shower parties, and make them match with your baby shower clothes cupcakescute dog cupcake

baby shower cakes

peas baby shower cupcakes

cupcake pink

angry birds cupcakes


Hot Baby Boy Shower Invitations for 2013 at Invitesbaby

Preparing for a new baby is an exciting time, both for the new family and close friends. That’s the motivation behind baby showers, which is a great time for family and friends get together and help the new family prepare for the little ones, and baby shower invitations set the tone for the whole party. According to the orders from our dear customers, we’d like to list our hot baby boy shower invitations for 2013 at Invitesbaby.


If you are planning a monkey theme baby shower for your friends or family, this baby shower invitation can be your wonderful choice, which is very popular and highly praised by our customers.

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baby shower invitation 2013Tell your recipients it is a boy directly with this oh boy baby shower invitation. The combined picture is really fascinating with the vary color for each cell. The baby shower invitation wordings of your choice are printed on the top right and bottom left cells.

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oh boy baby shower invite

Choo, Choo, Choo, Choo…There is a baby shower! This train baby shower invitation with the color scheme of white and blue is perfect for a baby boy shower. As for the party decoration, it can be  a vehicle theme.

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train baby shower invitation

Want a very cute baby boy shower? Try this cute hello kitty baby shower invitations. The main color scheme of blue and grey successfully makes it less feminine. The cute hello kitty and rabbit will surly impress your guests.

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cute baby shower invitation

For more baby boy shower invitations, please visit:


Throw a Dr Seuss Themed Baby Shower

When asked what kind of baby shower I am going to plan for my best friend, I always kept smiling and said that would be a secret. Well, I was preparing for the party from then on-a Dr Seuss Baby Shower.


It is always a pleasant surprise to see a different envelope in the mailbox. I bought the Dr Seuss Baby Shower Invitations online, and I had been very satisfied with the paper quality and the design. The invitation features a picture of The Cat in the Hat wrote by Dr Seuss. I should say the lowest Price for this Dr Seuss baby shower invitation now is only $0.69, perfectly matched with the Dr Seuss Baby Shower.

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dr seuss baby shower invitation

The decorations I planned are all about The cat in the Hat theme, which has the main color of red, blue and white. It was an outdoor party so I prepared a big white tent, that’s very funny!

dr seuss baby shower decoration

baby shower decorations

dr seuss baby shower ideas


As for the food, the themed cupcakes are very welcome, including One Fish Two Fish, Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 & Thing 2 themes.

dr seuss baby shower food

dr seuss baby shower cupcakes

dr seuss baby shower buffet

Whooo’s Owl Baby Shower Invitations

Choosing a baby shower theme is the first as well as one of the most important step in the whole planning process. Owl themed baby shower party is an extreme hoot now, which is cute and interesting to have one. The moms-to-be will love it!To announce the baby shower theme, what you first need is the owl baby shower invitations to give your guests the first impression. Here, we’d like to recommend our favorite cheap owl baby shower invitations to you.

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What jump into our eyes when receiving this owl baby shower invitation is the three big cute owls decorated with polka dot and floral. Their big eyes, cute color schemes will surely make your recipients smile, perfect for a baby girl shower party.


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The unique and colorful design of this owl baby shower invitation really sets it apart from many other owl baby shower invitations I’ve seen. An owl family standing on a branch, and they have the same color scheme-bright blue, yellow and brown, perfect for both baby girl and baby boy shower parties, as well as co-ed baby shower party.

Unique Baby Shower Wording Ideas

Deciding on the baby shower invitation wording is never an easy work. It may be daunting because everyone is going to see the invitations and you want them to be cute and clever to give a brilliant first impression of the baby shower party you planned for your friends or family.

baby shower ideas

When wording a baby shower invitation, there is some essential information to be included.

❀ a cute baby shower verse or poem

❀ an invite to the baby shower

❀ date, time, location, address of the baby shower

❀ name and phone to whom guests should R.S.V.P

❀ the expectant mom’s name, baby’s name

baby shower decoration

princess baby girl shower invitations

As low as $0.69, just click on the picture and get your baby shower invitations

Then here are some unique baby shower invitation wordings for both baby boys and baby girls.

❤ Twinkle, twinkle little star, how we wonder who you are?

❤ Bottles and Booties, Diapers and Pins, This is where a Princess’s life begins!

❤ Is it blue, or is it pink? It’s one of each, or so we think!

❤ I’m sorry I can’t be with you, but I’m very busy painting my eyes, my cheeks, and my hair so my mommy & daddy will be proud of me.

❤ God has blessed them with two bundles of joy-A very special gift…A girl and a boy!

❤ They explore and conquer, romp and run, so full of spirit and oh so much fun!

❤ Popsicle kisses and big bear hugs, Little red wagons and jars full of bugs, Grass stains, football games, lots of toys, oh the joys. It’s a boy!

❤ Join us for a ba-bee shower. Cute as can bee!

❤ A little Ladybug will soon be here for you to meet! Join us for a Baby Shower for mommy Ladybug Ava!

❤ It’s a boy/girl! Let’s Go Bananas! Join us to monkey around with …

❤ Who is getting more pleasure from the rocking, baby or me?

❤ Rubber Ducky, you’re the one, to make our party so much fun!

❤ Moo, moo…Oink, oink! Cluck, cluck…Baa, baa! The news is spreading…Anna’s little lamb will arrive soon!

Giraffe Baby Shower Ideas Inspiration Board

Make your friend’s baby shower with a giraffe theme party, which is perfect for both baby boy shower and baby girl shower. Carry the cute giraffe motif and color palette, such as yellow and blue, throughout your entire event. Let the Giraffe Baby Shower Invitations set the tone and give guests a first impression. Try to throw in your own patterns and unique favors can add a more custom feel.

giraffe baby shower inspiration

giraffe baby shower invitations