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Creative Theme Ideas for Baby Birthday Invitations

Babies’ birthdays are special event to all the parents and you may want to celebrate in a big and creative way.  Unlike adults, babies are not able to choose their own party themes and invitations. So it’s up to parents to pick a direction for the birthday party, including the invitations. Baby birthday party invitations should inform the guests of the major details as well as reflect the general tone of the party. Here are some creative and unique ideas for baby birthday invitations.

baby birthday cupcakes

Cars or Airplane 

Most of the baby boys and some of the baby girls like cars and airplanes. If your little one loves these items, it is a great way to celebrate and invite your friends with the cute cars and planes invitation. With this invitation, you can have the party theme designed, such as a destination birthday party, or decorated the party with cars and airplane centerpieces.    

 cars and planes birthday party invitations

airplane birthday invitations

Halloween Style 

Create a Halloween style birthday party can be very funny with Halloween birthday party invitations. The Halloween party game is a perfect way to loosen up your guests. As for the invitations, use orange, black and white as the main color scheme, decorated with pumpkins, monsters or other Halloween theme items, which clearly express the party them to your guests. Decorating the party with some orange balloons is recommended, for the reason that babies love balloons too.

Halloween theme birthday party invitations

Halloween birthday party invitations

ballons decoration for halloween

Fairy Tale

For a special birthday touch, invite fairies visited your home to help you celebrate your baby’s birthday. Ask your guests to come dressed in fairy finery with fairy tale birthday party invites, and to make them feel instantly at home. You can adorn the invites in appropriately frill fashion. We know that fairies love sweets and flower. To appeal to both passions, tap candy to the stems of artificial flower as the party favors.

fairy tale birthday party invites

fairy tale decoration

fairy tale party

Jungle Expedition 

Tree frogs, insects, crocodiles, and snakes, etc., these familiar jungle sights and creatures can turn a celebration into a wild adventure. Send each explorer a jungle themed invites, such as an oversized leaf-shaped postcard or animals printed invitation card. Write the party details on each card.

jungle birthday party invitation

jungle animals birthday party invite


Great birthday party ideas with a bubbles theme…You can buy some small blue, white or other color scheme plastic balls and write the party information on the balls as the invites. Use polka dot invitations can also be appropriate and that is beautiful. At the party, you can set up a bubble machine right outside the party entrance to welcome the guests.

polka dot birthday invite

bubbles party

Top 8 Best Grown up Invitations Ideas

Birthday parties are not only for children, but also for grownups. When you are throwing a birthday party for a grown up or an adult, you may not want to send childish invitations. If there is going to be a theme birthday party, using the invitations that can reflect the party theme can be a wonderful choice. If not, use something fun and show the personality of the birthday celebrant. Here are the top 10 best grown up invitations ideas for your reference.

birthday party

High-heeled Shoes

high-heeled birthday invitations

high-heeled shoes birthday invitations

High-heeled shoes are necessities for grown up women, and of course they cannot absent from an adult birthday party. These simple but classic birthday invitations feature one of the leading roles—high-heeled shoes.

Casino & Poker    

poker party invitations

casino birthday party invitations

Having a casino and poker party is all the rage right now for adult birthday party. They make a fun, exciting and memorable party theme with perfect casino and poker birthday invitations to set the tone. Your guests are sure to be impressed when they received these wild and fun casino & poker birthday invitations.


cocktail party invitations

If you gonna have a birthday party in summer, here comes a fabulous idea—cocktail. Mix up some daiquiris and snacks with cocktail birthday party invitations, having some friends over for a fun birthday party.


spa birthday invitations

Except having a spa birthday party, what better way to spend a day with your friends and get some much needed rest and relaxation? Send out your spa birthday party invitations and have fun.



BBQ birthday invitations

Fire up the grill, cook up some hamburgers, hot dogs and invite your guests with barbeque birthday party invitations, having a barbeque birthday party. That’s one thing we all love!!

Beach and Pool   

pool birthday party invitation

Another perfect invitation idea for summer is partying poolside or taking a trip to the beach. This fabulous summer themed party will make your birthday scorching hot. Don’t forget the beach and pool party invitations.


bowling birthday invitations

Bring the bowling get-together to your birthday party with customized bowling invitations. Whether it’s 10 pin, 9 pin or candlepin, the bowling invitations will let you send the perfect invites to your guests.

Disco Ball

disco birthday party invitations

Consider using birthday party invitations that are decorated with disco balls. You can choose to have a standard square size invitation card decorated with a disco ball and a dance floor, or a picture shaped of the disco ball.


Create an online slideshow invitation for the unique birthday party. Get photos of the birthday person, friends and family members, adding graphics that detail the location, date and time for the party.