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Wording Sample Ideas for Baptism Invitations

A baptism is a way of welcoming the new baby, in which the baby is tied into a forever bond with Jesus Christ. The earliest practice of baptism involved complete or partial immersion in water. Later with development, it has changed to the baby standing in water and poured with water on his body. Today, the importance is the way of water flowing over the head of the baby, sprinkling, pouring or submersion.

baptism baby

Baptisms are joyful occasions that we can celebrate with our families and friends. The first thing we should prepare is the baptism invitations. When sending the invitations, we should ensure that the wordings we select clearly express the sentiments and give the recipients all the information they’ll need to join the special day with us.

baptism cake

Here are some samples for baptism invitations for your reference.

On this day we place

our children

in God’s care


Please join us as our son

And daughter

Jonathan Madison and

Rita Marie

Will be baptized on

October 3rd, 2012

At 1:30 p.m.

Church of St. John

San Fernando

Jonathan and Katherine


baptism invitation

Image Credit: Creative Works Design

God called them all

Two by two they came

And now our boys are doing the same

Please join us for the baptisms of:

James Richard Griffin and

Michael Matthew Hunt

On Sunday, June 29th, 2012

At 1:30 p.m.

St. Mary’s Church

Spencer Avenue and

Hamlin Road

Morris Plains, NJ

Luncheon to follow

 baptism invite

“I have held thee in the palm

of my hand.” Isaiah 51:16

This precious gift from

Heaven above

Will be welcomed into Christ’s

Family with love

You are invited to attend


Baptism of our son

Dylan Jackson Riley

On Sunday, June 10, 2012

At 3:00 p.m.

Saint John’s Catholic Church

Spencer Avenue and Hamlin


Morris Plains, NJ

printable baptism invitations 

A child is a precious gift from God and

Baptism is God’s gift wrapping.

Our special gift

Christina Ann

Will be Baptized

On Sunday, July 29th,2012

At nine o’clock in the morning

The First Presbyterian Church

24 Redwood Drive

Redwood, Missouri

invite of baptism 

We’re joyfully bringing our daughter

Into the love of God’s family

We invite you to celebrate

The Baptism of our daughter

Christina Ann

On Sunday, July 29th,2012

At nine o’clock in the morning

The First Presbyterian Church

24 Redwood Drive

Redwood, Missouri

Jonathan and Katherine


 invitation of baptism

Mr. and Mrs. Evan Stanley

Invite you to the Baptism of their


Michael James Stanley

On Sunday, May 4th

At 10:00 a.m.

St. Jeremy’s Church

87 Newland Street

Farmville, NE

baptism party invitation 



Carding Birth Announcements to Announce Your Baby’s Birth

Birth announcements tell your friends and family the details of your new baby. It is important for parents to get creative birth announcement and make it an original keepsake. Traditionally, birth announcements are sent out within a month of baby’s birth, which usually includes baby’s full name, birth weight and length, the time of birth and standard parts of the birth announcement.

baby chu

To make out creative and impressive birth announcements, here are some ideas for your reference.


Announce with Baby’s Pictures

Photo announcements are the most popular for the reason that they let everyone see your baby, especially if they haven’t met him in person yet.  Sharing one photo or several photos, that depends on you. Or you can have a close-up of the baby’s little cute hands and feet.

birth announcement with close-up

several photos birth annoucements

one big photo birth annoucement

Include Family

Including the parents or the baby’s brother, sister is also very popular. For example, if the baby is coming to a big sister, the wording can go like “Chloe is proud to present her little brother, (name)” In my opinion, a picture of the family would be nice on the front of the announcement with solo pictures of the baby inside.

family birth announcement

family birth announcements

family announcement

Festival Announcements

If you baby is born closely to Christmas, New Year or some other festivals, sending the birth announcement with festival themes is recommended.  You can send out your birth announcements as well as festive greetings.

chrismas birth annoucements

festive birth annoucenment

Simpler Announcements

Basic announcements can work well to announce his birth as well even without any of your baby’s photos.  This can be decided by your favorite baby themes, such as Hello Kitty, trees, flowers, and etc., which are usually less expensive and can easily made as well, as long as you include baby’s full name, birth weight and length, the time of birth and other necessary information.

flower birth announcement

simple birth announcement

hello kitty birth announcement



The Most Popular 1st Birthday Invitations Ideas in 2012/2013

Excited about your child’s first birthday celebration? There is no doubt and any parents will be excited. Maybe after deciding when and who to send the invitations, one of the most important things is to select the perfect birthday invitations. They can be purchases or be specially made and personalized to fit the theme of your party if you have.


Creating the invitations for your child’s birthday party can be very fun and there are a lot of ideas which you can use to make your own invitations stand out and impress your guests. Let’s check out these most popular first birthday invitations ideas in the year 2012 and 2013.


Use the Photo

Use a photo or several photos of your cute baby to create the invitations. You can print a digital photo onto paper and fold it into the shape of the invite. As it is the baby’s first birthday, drawing the number 1 in a decorative bubble like style shape or drawing cakes topped with candles shaped like the number 1 can both be wonderful ideas, with the wording going like “A birthday party with galore, our little baby is turning ONE!”.

baby photo birthday invitation

1st birthday invitation

Babies Like Animals

Create the invitations with some cute animals, like monkeys, ducks, giraffe, etc. These are extremely hot elements in baby shower invitations, birthday invitations. You can either print digital pictures of the animal you want or cut the paper into an animal shape. Then your party theme can be the same as the invitations. The invitation wordings can be “Baby giraffe will soon finish his first year, we are planning a big party and we hope that you will be here!!”

monkey birthday invitation

giraffe birthday invitation

duck birthday invitation

Cartoon Characters

The invitations can be perfect if matched with your same theme party. Invite the guests to your magic kingdom for a day of cartoon fun, such as Hello Kitty 1st birthday invitations, Winnie the Pooh invitations, Snoopy invites, and etc. At the party, you can dress your baby like the character you want. And the invitation wordings can be “Mama Hello Kitty and Daddy Hello Kitty invite you to their baby Hello Kitty’s 1st birthday party…”

mickey mouse birthday invitation

winnie the pooh birthday invitations

hello kitty birthday invitation

Number ONE

Use the number 1 as the inspiration for your baby’s party invitation. Cut a number one out of card stock, blue color for a boy and pink for a girl. At the top of the number, a “first” themed poem can be written as “First bath, first word, first tooth, first crawl. What a year we’ve had so far!” following with “Join us to celebrate …first birthday!”

one birthday invitation

number one invitations


Top 10 Baby Names Trends of 2012 for Girls

In the year 2011, Sophia and Aiden respectively rank the first for the girl’s name and boy’s name. What about the year for 2012?


Top 10 baby names for girls:

No.1  Sophia

As the Queen of girl names for the third year, Sophia is clearly a star. Famous Sophisa include director Sofia Coppola, screen siren Sophia Loren, Sophia Bush and etc.

Sophia Bush

No.2  Emma

Emma has hit the No.1 spot four times since 2004 to 2008, and this year she got the second.

Famous Emmas include Emma Watson and Emma Thompson.

 Emma Watson

No.3  Ava

The name Ava, often said to mean “bird”, got number three.

Famous Avas include Ava Gardner, Ava Jackman and Ava Phillippe.

Ava Phillippe

No.4  Isabella 

Isabella has hovered near the top of the girls’ list since 2006, which helped along by fans of Twilight, featuring protagonist Isabella (Bella) Swan.


No.5  Chloe

The meaning of the name Chloe is Verdant and Blooming, which origins from Greek. The alternate spellings go to Cloe, Chloey, Khloe, Khloei, Chloie, Kloey and Kloe.

Famous Chloes include Chloe Sevigny and Khloe Kardashian.

Chloe Sevigny

No.6  Olivia 

Originally from the Germanic name Alfhere, altered by association with the French/English name meaning olive tree, Oliva, means Elf Army.

Famous Olivias include Olivia Newton-John, Olivia Wilde.

Olivia Wilde

No.7  Lily 

Lily bloomed these years, which represent the Lily flower

Famous Lilies include Lily Tomlin, Lily Collins, and Lily Allen.

Lily Collins

No.8  Emily 

Emily bloomed one spot compared with last year, which has the meaning strive or excel or rival. The alternate spellings are Emilee, Emmalie, Emely and Emili.

Famous Emilys include Emily Mortimer, Emily Deschanel, and Emily Blunt.

 Emily Mortimer

No.9  Madison

Madison has the meaning son of Matthew, which origins from English. A surname that has become widely used as a female first name, Madsion was the name chosen by the mermaid in the 1984 movie “Splash”, after seeing a Madison Anenue street sign.

Famous Madisons include Madison Belafonte, Madison Pettis , and Madison Hildebrand.

Madison Pettis

No.10  Abigail

Abigail has held the position for years. The meaning is Joy of the Father.

Famous Abigails include Abigail Breslin and Abigail Spencer.

Abigail Breslin

5 Hot Baby Shower Cakes Ideas for 2012/2013

Gonna have a baby shower? Congratulations on your new baby! ( ̄▽ ̄)o∠※PAN!=.:*:’☆.:*:’★’:*

Baby shower cakes have been one of the most important foods in a party, which always confuse us what kind of cakes to buy and how to select the right baby shower cakes. For me, the first thing I should consider is the theme of the whole baby shower party. I definitely won’t purchase a monkey cakes if the party is owl themed. :-D And the next element to consider is the gender of the baby, especially when I have a gender-specific theme. All that’s left is my preference.


What about you dear readers? What are you going to consider when you purchase the baby shower cakes? If you have not decided the theme of the party, then check out the following hot baby shower cakes, they are extremely hot in 2012/2013.


Cute Animals Cakes

As the increasingly popularity of monkey theme baby shower, ducky theme baby shower, zebra theme baby shower, owl theme baby shower, and etc, these cute animals are also very popular in taking an important role in baby shower cakes. Cute bridal shower cakes for both baby girls and baby boys.

giraffe baby shower cakesmonkye cakes

owl baby cakes

ducky cakes

Flower Pot Cupcakes 

I should specially recommend this ridiculously cute flower pot cupcake for baby shower, especially baby shower cakes for girls, and it is not difficult to make. Just cut the marshmallows into four to five slices used for petals, and stick them to the lollipop. I really love this to be the cakes of my baby shower. Click here to see the specific practice.


flower pot

flow-pot-muffin baby shower

spring flower cakes

Bassinet Cakes 

This kind of cakes look fantastic in several colors, we can choose the colors as we like or depending on the gender of the baby, blue for baby boy and pink for baby girl\(^o^)/, surrounded with icings designed as ruffles, dots and etc.

bassinet cakes

bassinet baby shower cakes

bassinet baby shower cakes dot

Pregnant Belly Cakes

It is a kind of funny but moving cake. Mothers are pregnant for ten months, and they really pay a lot. Give a shower for both the baby and the mother, with the really funny cakes. You will love this design!!

 belly baby cakes

baby belly cakes baby shower

pregnant belly cakes

Baby Footie Cake 

Making cute multicolored foot designed cookies and combining them together to make a mouth-watering baby shower cake. Impress your guests with your fabulous creativity!!

 baby foot cakes

footie baby cakes

footie cakes

Give Your Baby a Hello Kitty Theme Birthday Party

A Hello Kitty lover? Invite kittens to Hello Kitty birthday party to celebrate your baby’s birthday!!


For the Hello Kitty invitations, you can either buy them or make them yourself, and I recommend the latter, which means a lot to both you and your baby.

Photo invitations: First, print Hello Kitty images on pink invitation cards. Then take a picture of the birthday baby, scan it, and paste it on the card.

Or you can make the invitation into a Hello Kitty shape, decorated with theme stickers, with the wording like “Hello Kitty invites you to …” Isn’t it cute?:-D

hello kitty

hello kitty birthday card


hello kitty birthday


Make your home a Hello Kitty world, and keep them light and elegant! Ivory, pink, white can be mostly used. Cover your fence with Hello Kitty images and buy some balloons and a sign says “Welcome to Hello Kitty Birthday Party!”

Here comes to the tables. Place a theme cloth and centerpiece, and you can tie balloons to the backs of the chairs.

Oh, do not forget to prepare a cute Hello Kitty dress for your baby.

hello kitty decorations

hello kitty hats

Hello Kitty party


Food and Drink

Birthday Cakes: Definitely the Hello Kitty Cake or cupcakes.

If you want a handmade birthday cake for your baby, bake a round cake, then down load and print Hello Kitty face image off the internet. Cut the image shape from paper, and trace the shape onto the cake with a toothpick. Decorate the whole as you like!!

Foods like pops, cookies, popcorn and etc. are all very popular, and decorate them with Hello Kitty.

As for the drinks, pay attention to the color. Freeze cranberry juice or red fruit punch in a star-shaped ice tray, or prepare pink lemonade mix. Garnish each drink with a cherry or strawberry on the rim of the glass can be a wonderful choice.

cakes fabulous

hello kitty cake

hello kitty cupcakes

hello kitty drinks

hello kitty food and drink


Hand out such Hello Kitty party favors as Hello Kitty cookies, cupcakes, or something else decorated with Hello Kitty bags or boxes.


party favors

hello kitty hat favor

hello kitty favor


How to Throw a Perfect First Birthday Party –Ideas for you!!

Getting through the first year of your baby’s life is a huge accomplishment. It is a memorable moment for both you and your baby. Whether you’re a brand-new mom or on the verge of your baby’s first birthday, you must think about how to celebrate the milestone.

From a newborn to a solid-food eating baby, he is sleeping through the night with your careful sooth. And now he may be walking or just about to take those very first steps. It is an impressive process and need to celebrate.

How to throw an impressive first birthday party? Here are some ideas for you (· ·)nnn


Handprint Party 

handprint party

family handprint

According to dear Cassy, my aunty, of all the first birthday parties she attended with her daughter, she likes the handprint party most. There are non-toxic stamp pads for babies, making it a relatively easy activity. And both babies and adults enjoy painting.


Blast with Bubbles

everywhere bubbles

bubbles decoration

bubbles 1st birthday party

As I understand, there is no child who doesn’t love bubbles. Create a continuous flow of bubbles with a bubble machine, babies and adults dancing in the bubbles ocean, and decorating the house with colorful bubbles as well.




milk birthday party

milk party

milk 1st birthday party

Everything MILK!!Use an array of patterns like swiss dots and cow print, plus a basic black and white palette. From the invitations, decorations, desserts to favors, every detail is perfect.


Zoo Party

zoo circus

zoo theme party

zoo party cake

zoo vintage

This can be done either at your home or to the zoo. If it is done at home, complete with zoo decorations and cakes. Consider renting out space at your local zoon if you want it to be done at a zoo. You will surely enjoy a day outside while still celebrating this special birthday.



circus 1st birthday party

circus theme baby party

circus themed

circus party

circus party treats


For a fun and unique baby first birthday party, consider a circus theme. Using circus paper products and decorations, as well as Big Top cake, the party will be easily done. Cotton candy, popcorn, and peanuts can be used for special circus treats.



4 Hottest Trends in Celebrating Baby Showers for 2012/2013

If I throw a baby shower, for me, the last thing I want to do is use the same baby shower party ideas that everyone else uses. I definitely want the shower to be unique and memorable (* ̄3 ̄)╭ , and the newest and most popular invitations, games, favors and etc. to be used.


If you dear readers have the same opinion with me, let us check out these hottest trends for baby shower parties together.


Go Vintage!

As the vintage style has swept the whole world, baby shower party can absolutely not be excluded. You can send out your unique vintage baby shower invitations to let the guests know it is a vintage style party, and the decorations, foods, favors, etc. should be vintage as well.

shower for baby go vintage

baby shower table decorations go vintage

baby shower decorations vintage

vintage baby stroller baby shower card


Bring a Book

Book theme baby shower is incredibly popular these days, to start the baby’s library. It formalizes the desire for babies to get a head start to success for many mothers or mother-to-be, as guests give books as baby shower gifts. This often becomes very personal, as friends and family leave notes to the child inside the book.

baby shower decorations book theme

book theme shower

“bring a book” baby shower invitations

Sip and See

Most baby showers are still being held before the baby is born. However, there are more and more “sip and see” parties than the traditional baby showers we have in the past. This kind of party is a small one held after the baby is born where guests have the opportunity to see the baby.

sip and see invitation

sip and see one year

sip and see party invites

sip and see

sip and see party

Guys Only Shower

The man shower is a growing trend and the “Diapers for Dad” theme is particularly popular. A poker or a beer party can be wonderful. Dads are going to enjoy the huge diaper scores!!

(╯‵□′)╯””┻━┻☆))>○<) Just pulled out the poker table with beers and barbeque. Guests should bring diapers. Dads gonna love it!!!!!


daddy doody kit baby shower

daddy baby shower

beers baby shower

daddy diaper party

beer baby shower