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Top 8 1st Birthday Invitations Promise a Memorable Birthday Party

It’s important to plan a birthday party for your child well, as it is indeed a milestone that needs to be celebrated with family and friends. To set the tone for the birthday party, 1st birthday invitations plays a vital role.

Pink Polka Dots Birthday Party Invitations

pink polka dots birthday party invitations This big polka dots “1” birthday invitation decorated with some flowers gives the information directly it’s a 1st birthday party.

Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Invitations

minnie mouse 1st birthday invitations This is a cute 1st birthday invitation perfect for a baby girl, featuring Minnie mouse on the bottom left and your little girl picture on the top right.

Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Invitations

mickey mouse 1st bithday invitations This Mickey Mouse 1st birthday invitation is suitable for a baby boy with the main color of blue, the similar design with the above Minnie mouse birthday invitation. Set the tone for your baby boy 1st birthday party with this cute invitation.

Ladybug 1st Birthday Invitations

ladybug 1st birthday invitation Ladybugs are such lovable creatures that ladybug theme birthday parties are so popular nowadays. If you are planning a birthday party for your little one, why not go with these cute ladybug 1st birthday invitations.

Unique 1st Birthday Party Invitation

unique 1st birthday party invitations
1st birthday invite “you are invited to celebrate.. 12 months of giggles, smiles, surprises and adventures with -name-”

Jungle Theme 1st Birthday Party Invitations

Jungle theme 1st birthday invitations
Featuring tiger, giraffe, lion, elephant and monkey, this jungle birthday party invitation is perfect for both baby girls and baby boys.

Owl 1st Baby Birthday Invitations

owl baby birthday party invitations Owls’ big eyes, gentle nature, soothing hoo and etc. have made them a very popular theme for baby birthday parties.

Elmos World Birthday Invitation

elmos 1st birthday invitations Elmo is very popular among toddlers and their parents that both the kids and their parents love to have Elmo birthday party and buy Elmo birthday invitations to invite the guests.


The Most Popular 1st Birthday Invitations Ideas in 2012/2013

Excited about your child’s first birthday celebration? There is no doubt and any parents will be excited. Maybe after deciding when and who to send the invitations, one of the most important things is to select the perfect birthday invitations. They can be purchases or be specially made and personalized to fit the theme of your party if you have.


Creating the invitations for your child’s birthday party can be very fun and there are a lot of ideas which you can use to make your own invitations stand out and impress your guests. Let’s check out these most popular first birthday invitations ideas in the year 2012 and 2013.


Use the Photo

Use a photo or several photos of your cute baby to create the invitations. You can print a digital photo onto paper and fold it into the shape of the invite. As it is the baby’s first birthday, drawing the number 1 in a decorative bubble like style shape or drawing cakes topped with candles shaped like the number 1 can both be wonderful ideas, with the wording going like “A birthday party with galore, our little baby is turning ONE!”.

baby photo birthday invitation

1st birthday invitation

Babies Like Animals

Create the invitations with some cute animals, like monkeys, ducks, giraffe, etc. These are extremely hot elements in baby shower invitations, birthday invitations. You can either print digital pictures of the animal you want or cut the paper into an animal shape. Then your party theme can be the same as the invitations. The invitation wordings can be “Baby giraffe will soon finish his first year, we are planning a big party and we hope that you will be here!!”

monkey birthday invitation

giraffe birthday invitation

duck birthday invitation

Cartoon Characters

The invitations can be perfect if matched with your same theme party. Invite the guests to your magic kingdom for a day of cartoon fun, such as Hello Kitty 1st birthday invitations, Winnie the Pooh invitations, Snoopy invites, and etc. At the party, you can dress your baby like the character you want. And the invitation wordings can be “Mama Hello Kitty and Daddy Hello Kitty invite you to their baby Hello Kitty’s 1st birthday party…”

mickey mouse birthday invitation

winnie the pooh birthday invitations

hello kitty birthday invitation

Number ONE

Use the number 1 as the inspiration for your baby’s party invitation. Cut a number one out of card stock, blue color for a boy and pink for a girl. At the top of the number, a “first” themed poem can be written as “First bath, first word, first tooth, first crawl. What a year we’ve had so far!” following with “Join us to celebrate …first birthday!”

one birthday invitation

number one invitations